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BELLEVUE, Europe’s largest real estate magazine, annually awards real estate agents around the world the “BEST PROPERTY AGENTS” certificate.

We at Perfect Mallorca have successfully taken this independent assessment since 2012 until 2020 included. In April 2020 we decided to return our award to BELLEVUE!

What happened?

To answer this, you have to look what assessment criteria BELLEVUE – in addition to the company data itself – checks:

  • seriousness,
  • market knowledge,
  • experience,
  • objective advice,
  • variety of offers and
  • above all, good service even after the purchase.

So, the points that make up a good broker, in our view.

Buyers and sellers alike are looking for a fair broker and professional advisor to handle a real estate transaction. For many customers, buying a holiday home, apartment or plot of land in Mallorca is a one-off thing, which raises numerous questions. A BEST PROPERTY AGENTS in the spirit of this seal of quality has to provide comprehensive answers, support and advice and conduct business to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

We always have to prove ourselves anew. The BEST PROPERTY AGENTS award is only valid for one year. Then it will be decided whether we will also receive the award the following year. In other words, we have to continue our work in the usual professional manner and adhere to fair rules of the game, then nothing stands in the way of being included in the list of the best again. In the event of violations, irregularities or justified complaints, BELLEVUE reserves the right to prohibit the use of the award and the logo.

Award of a property developer as BEST PROPERTY AGENTS

At the beginning of 2020, we as Perfect Mallorca discovered that BELLEVUE had also given this award to the property developer TM Real Estate Group.

Fundamentally, we consider it completely wrong to label real estate agents and property developers under the same criteria, since the business model of a property developer already has a few criteria, such as objectivity or market diversity, cannot be given. Quite apart from other points. In our view, the potential buyer is thereby consciously and deliberately misled!

In this special case we have seen for years how customers are dealt with here and how exactly the above rules are not observed.

This situation was already known from the annual discussions between us and the editor-in-chief of BELLEVUE.

Our communication with BELLEVUE has unfortunately produced no results here.

With this we unfortunately see this award as a farce and find that BELLEVUE – for whatever reason – significantly damages the image of their own award. The procedure for awarding is thus questioned.

Consequence for Perfect Mallorca

We as Perfect Mallorca can no longer and do not want to identify with it. We therefore returned our award to BELLLEVUE in April 2020 – in the middle of the corona crisis – as a corresponding sign and ended the cooperation.