Perfect Mallorca - Andratx


Andratx is situated in the western part of the Balearic island of Mallorca with 11 348 inhabitants.
Andratx is considered to be the flashiest place in Mallorca, not so much because of the tradional village core than for its internationally famous port of Port d’Andratx. This makes the old fishing village on Neureichenprotz and jet-set glitter.
Today, the Port Andratx is the largest source of income of the village. Surrounded by orange groves and almond trees leads Andratx a sleepy life. Only on Wednesdays, it comes alive. The streets are full of market stalls with fish, vegetables, cheese and everything you need for life. On market day, there are also many tourists who make the place otherwise largely unaffected.

The name of Andratx in its current form in 1236 first mentioned documentary. On the origin of the name, there are several versions, which is not recognized or documented.


  • Port of Port d’Andratx
  • The Monastery of La Trapa
  • Centro Cultural Andratx