Perfect Mallorca Immobilien - Leistungen

Perfect purchase

“Don’t dream your life away; live your dream!”

The perfect real estae purchase is a fulfilling experience combining an efficient search, the right property and professional support in every phase and on every level. This is not somthing that simple happens.

Important dreams belong in good hands with some unique characteristics:

  • Competence, understanding, identification
    Eastern Mallorca is our home, property-related know-how is our profession, and your ideas are the measure of all things. Our dream: to fulfill your dream.
  • Perfect commitment
    We listen, question, clarify and explain. Our network of contacts – from craftsmen through to tax advisers – leaves nothing to be desired. Detailed property viewings and honest information give you an authentic impression of the property. We chair contractual negotiations and assist you with financing issues, official formalities and more. Much more.
  • Faire advise
    We have a name, a history and our existence on Mallorca.
    And that’s how it’s going to stay.

  • Well-grounded vision
    Life is change. Following thorough research, we provide information as required about options such as extensions and conversions, renovations, commercial use, letting.