Ariany lies in the eastern part of the island. 839 inhabitants live there. Ariany lies in the "Bermuda Triangle" of roads Petra Sineu Santa Margalita, so you do not even touches the village at the gateway.
No reason not get a stranger to it. Hardly a newcomer know where lies the village. Ariany is quiet and so beautiful. There is not a lot of activity in bars or restaurants.


Archaeological findings prove that the area around Ariany since prehistoric (Talaiot culture) were inhabited times. Under James I the Conqueror of Mallorca, the settlement is mentioned under its present name. S'Auberg and around the old way, the Marquesa de sa village has developed. Interesting is the old portal with voussoirs. In 1982, divides the city of Petra, whose church he had heard until then.


  • The church of Nuestra Señora d'Atocha.
  • To Ariany around seven preserved windmills are available.

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